I do absolutely nothing for it and it come back every year. To prepare rhubarb for cooking, knowing what the plant looks like is a must.. Slugs typically feed at night and hide from the heat of the day by returning to the soil / leaf litter below the plants. Or toxic? Anyway, the roots are. What looks to me like burdock is the leaf shape but that might vary by rhubarb variety. Rhubarb crowns are the portions of a rhubarb plant located under the ground's surface that consist of rhizomes and buds. The mature leaves of Burdock are less curly than rhubarb, and the undersides of the leaves are "wooly" or "hairy", unlike rhubarb. Once it gets larger, it shoots upwards on big, thick stalks and some can get up over 6 feet tall! And if you are unsure about any plant that looks like a rhubarb type, don't chance it at all. I'd say you better get it out of there before it produces seeds. Rhubarb is the first "fruit" of the season - used as a fruit, but grows like a vegetable. The stalks of Burdock are hollow, while the stalks of rhubarb are solid. This huge plant is very popular in gardens, where it’s grown beside ponds and in damp, boggy areas. Steve It is easily recognised by its enormous leaves and spiky stems up to 2m tall. An invasive, non-native plant. It's the tall center one. Unlike the reddish stems that grow from them, the crown and leaves of the plant are not edible. This is what rhubarb looks like as a plant: Photo credit: CLG20171/Flickr Rhubarb is naturally tart -- and we mean bone-chillingly tart -- when it's raw, so … It sure looks like rhubarb. It certainly looks like gunnera, the only thing confusing me is that on the BBC entry for it is has "Skill Level - Experienced" and this has sprung up in a patch left completely untended since last spring! I have this HUGE plant overtaking my front garden (it's over 4 feet wide at this point!) Don't eat gunnera-manicata. Hello, I have this large perennial plant growing next to my rhubarb. This old fashioned perennial is very easy to grow, coming back bigger year after year with little care. The leaves are very large: ~14" wide. and another starting up! Is it edible? They look like rhubarb because of the familiar shapes of the leaves, the stem is somewhat similar, but these plants are NOT rhubarb. Burdock plants (weeds) can grow to a height of 6 feet, unlike rhubarb plants. Rhubarb is a well-loved plant because its stems can be used to make amazing desserts.However, rhubarb must be prepared properly because some parts of this plant contain toxins which are very dangerous for consumption. When the plant starts to grow, it looks a lot like rhubarb except all green. If the damage is on the leaves - and it looks like large, ragged holes in the leaves, and you do not see a likely culprit when you check the rhubarb during the day, it could be slugs. Burdock is an biennial plant that reporduces by seed. Still, they are supposed to be edible. Giant Rhubarb Protects A Shoreline. Exotic Looking Rhubarb Plants Fill a Garden Space With huge leaves on long red to green petioles it can also make a dramatic statement in the garden. grow up to 4ft tall. ... That looks like a nice, healthy Great Burdock to me. What's the problem? There are actually a lot of other plants that resemble rhubarb. Surely, breaking a stem and tasting (or even smelling) will tell you if it's rhubarb, NyBoy. The plant spreads and grows via the rhubarb crowns, and new plants can be propagated by dividing them. If you are even luckier, it's Gunnera manicata, and will grow to a huge size eventually if protected over winter. The ?flowers? It readily escapes from gardens, and is sometimes planted or dumped in the wild. But unfortunately, as it sounds like it has come up like a weed, rather than being established in a garden you have just come to (?) it's more likely to be something like burdock. On some varieties of rhubarb the stalks stay green. They have purple flowers that turn into brown burrs that stick on everything. What should I do with it?