I'm just curious something blew all those fuses when the bike went down and since I removed the tssm I havent blown one May take a little but I'll post once I get the resync achieved and check all my pins again. If you are stuck with having to manually cancel the turn signals, the problem could be found in connectivity to the speedometer or the TSSM. i discovered that my bike came originally with a TSSM, which is why i could never get it to run. I'll check it again though. If you have any ideas where else I could look would be greatly appreciated. I tried a few things, and confirmed that all of the grounds are connected and look to be okay. before I even got the new icm I plugged my crankshaft position sensor in my buddy's bike and it worked fine so I haven't replaced that yet. After that you can start removing things. Oh and Cosmo I know you kinda touched down on this around page 14 or something like that but I see you got caught up helping one of the many people with completely unrelated questions. It doesn't have security it's just the stock one. And if anybody needs a really simple wiring harness for a 05 sportster lemme know. My local tech (not dealership) says it sounds like a bad icm. the neutral and clutch interlock switches which prevent the bike from being started unless one of these two items has been used is also no longer present. Of course....if there is something wrong with the ecm I won't be able to help you. I am trying to eliminate the tcm on a 2006 sportster that never had an alarm. I actually just removed the front signals today. I haven't tried marrying the new icm yet because I would need to rewire in the old tssm I just haven't gotten to it yet and since the old icm seems to work still and it ran fine before I'm not sure if that's the problem. Pre-Owned. my buddy who is a mech at hd said i prob need to bring it in to do a re-learn? I won't delete your thread, I'll merge it into this one. That means that #9, which is the terminal that goes to the relay is hot instead of grounded. So i wanted to make sure i had spark. The bike WILL start and run for a second and die. First normal blink rate, then goes fast. It is odd though, normally the … Two more 10min stints to go. It's simple the #2 plug on the icm/ecm must always have power running to it even with the key turned off (that's how the stock wiring is and I didn't realize why when I first wired my bike up). (Thinking this would be the equivalent of grounding the bank angle sensor if it was looking for an all good signal) I sent constant power to the coil and the icm. When you replaced the old ICM did you go through a password relearn procedure? When you say Security System, are you implying that all EFI bikes have some sort of ECM cut if the TSM is removed the bike won't start, or does that only apply if you have the separately sold HD Sec Sys installed? $83.95 - $94.95. cosmo, please pm your mailing address and i will mail it out today with return postage paid. Hello friends. I got a male connector for my data link and made a pigtail from the TSM directly to the data link connector. :). Yes, my first thought was that you have the necessary wiring however I am not sure how much the starter relay ground going to the TSM has to do with the password relearn procedure. Mine too. I removed them first to simply tighten them inside the brackets but when I put em back on the bolt pulled the threads out on one side of the triple clamp. Everything else works perfectly. Since your ign. Press and hold the odometer reset button. there is a major draw killing my battery that I havent been able to isolate. I jsut put the key and and go. But if the tsm is bad I can reprogram it to mine. This is the second time i tried to start but first time i had not found this thread so i grounded out that wire and it cranked. Sounds right too me. so now i can watch the indicators on the speedo and hopefully by tonight its running..the tsm should be good but we will see, the other thing i kinda thought about doing was seding my ecm and the tsm to someone for them to do the re-learn on their bike, then send it back to me already re-learned. i cannot find a place for it to hook up, but also some of the wires from it are spliced into the TSM. i initially cut off the data link connector but wired it back in so i could use it for codes etc if need be. my buddy who is an hd mechanic said bike wont run. I figured I pinched a wire so I decided to rewire the whole shebang. I have one probe on the negative battery terminal and the other on the #9 lead, or more specifically on the spade connector plugged into the relay. I had the bike from new and never had a fob, alarm, nothing but dealer could have done something before I got it. The same's not true of my '13. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. we will see tonight....i temporarily wired in my speedo to the same pigtail that plugs into my data link. I have a buddy with a 04 sporty with no security system, could I use his then put it back in his? What the hell was Harley thinking with this stupid system? Could you pull the maxi fuse before reconnecting it? Read the thread! This is the wiring diagram I'll be trying to use, so I'm not sure where that relay comes into play: When the starter button is built into the starter, there is no need for a starter relay. Mike.....you are now treading in unfamiliar ground for me. Minimized everything down and switched to a momentary key start. :doh I was under the impression that this worked for '04-'06s as well as '07+s. i started a forum on chopcult. I have an inline spark tester on my plugs (brand new)and the light up on ignition and die when the bike dies. I just grabbed a TSM off eBay. All have their own 15 amp fuse except power in has a 30. Wanted to remove them anyway and that just made up my mind for me. Comso, I'd be pulling me hair out if I had any. On models equipped with a security system well i tested with a test light and there is power but when i am cranking the wht/bk from icm to coil dims down i still gonna check with meter later. So hopefully I'll have her up and running sometime early next week. I see this is your first couple of posts.....so welcome to the XLF from Central NY! Has anyone had long term success removing the tcm & then getting their bike to run? Remove your rear wheel splash gaurd to access. If resistance is greater than 1 ohm you have a broken or poor ground wire. I thought the flasher was what you are referring to as the module. But I found something that says on the last key cycle, where Speedy said OFF-ON-OFF, to turn it OFF-ON wait 1 minute then turn it OFF then wait 15 seconds before trying to start. And this is what I found out. Position #2 brown/grey wire sends power from the battery to the ICM....see if you have voltage on that wire with ignition on and run/stop switch set to run. How is yours set up? Awesome. Automatic Turn Signal Self Canceling Light Module by Badlands®. Hopefully they have different manuals at the factory than what's available to the public. I just found in my manual what you are looking at.....and you are right...per the manual it says that 12 is next to 1. You're correct Cosmo, the bike runs fine without it and I'm riding it now with the module removed, just would like to know how to get my signals to work(manually) without the tsm. Do I still need to do the password reset? This is first time we are starting engine. that is if i cannot get it to work, the other thing i kinda thought about doing was seding my ecm and the tsm to someone for them to do the re-learn on their bike, then send it back to me already re-learned. great help by the way i love the tsm so much more than that piece of s**t ... ok sorry back on subject.. i meant the speedo and front turn signal male plugs. I wired back in the tssm and speedo to attempt to pull error codes. Ok. You mentioned before you were going to keep the serial datalink wire....can you check for diagnostic trouble codes or have you? The module has 12V power supplied to the unit, and when it gets a signal from either of the turn signal switches, it lets the lights blick for 9 seconds (or so), and then cancels them. 4. 1 product rating - HARLEY TSM TSSM TURN SIGNAL SECURITY MODULE 68925-07 DYNA TOUR VROD SPORTSTER. I know it's an old thread but where would i add a relay and what kind if i didn't want to hold the turn signal button down all the time ? Cosmo Kramer always good info ! no problem. That wire is constantly hot, probably not good. That was on my '05. can someone explain how the ecm password relearn works? I read the whole thing just. I check the fuses a couple were popped (not sure which ones) after replacing the fuses she would crank but wouldn't turn over. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. C $102.33. only two days mail time so i could have it to you by thursday..... PM sent. Unless you want turn signals, you only need it for 30 minutes and then you can turn around and sell it. Power stays at coil even when it quits. So I went and cleaned and checked all ground locations and checked and cleaned my hot cable from battery to starter no issues but still wasn't working. according to the wiring, all i should need for the ECM to see the tsm and do the re-learn is the grey, black, and grn/violet......here is a picture of my set up. Daten über Ihr Gerät und Ihre Internetverbindung, darunter Ihre IP-Adresse, Such- und Browsingaktivität bei Ihrer Nutzung der Websites und Apps von Verizon Media. (Off, on, momentary start key switch) (self grounded headlight with a high beam,low beam switch in the housing) map sensor crank sensor voltage reg and that's it. Test what you can with a test light or multimeter. thanks again, but let me ask one more ?, could i just have a bad icm? I will be working on it shortly and let you know how it goes. Before, if I was quick I could get one rev out of the motor, but I can't seem to now. but it also did not have a siren or keyfob so im golden. Favorite Answer It sounds like you possibly have a problem with the turn signal module which is located between the tanks. You Rock man ! cosmo, can you confirm that i can remove the light grn/violet wire (data). Oh wow. 4.5 out of 5 stars. If I wanted to get rid of the factory Security System, what I've got to do is replace the factory TSSM with a TSM and do the ECM password relearn. Yes, it is possible for '04 Sportsters; that is what this thread is about. #1 Gnd, #2 +12vdc, power is good. It shows the components of the circuit as streamlined forms, and also the power as well as signal connections in between the devices. Hope this helps someone who's in the same boat as me. My wiring is all modified but I have the factory connectors and all components hooked up on my bike. As far as I know, I don't have any Sec Sys installed. ;). How can I remove this or which management can I remove? $225.00. I am not so sure I am going to be as lucky trying to plug it back in! I can't believe it, I think it is the tssm. Glad to hear you got it figured out 9V! All parts are sold AS-IS. I am about to bypass the TCM and get another flasher and be done. thanks, By the way i have no turn signals and no horn and no high beam lights... so i removed all the wires from the bars and relocated on off switch and start on side cover. My signals started to go out intermittently until they just quite working altogether yesterday. Mike....if you want you can send me your ecm and tsm and I will do the password relearn on my bike. I went over everything and the connections are good and soldered. I saw earlier in the thread someone mentioned "snipping one of the wires" for that year and that was all that was necessary to disable the tsm. I would unplug the module from the main wiring harness and test the violet and brown wires with your turn signals working to see if you are getting a pulsing / flashing signal to the module. I don't have any blown fuses and I can hear the flasher (little box in the rubber cover) clicking, but I get nothing. No horn. However, whenever you install a new ICM or install a standard TSM in place of a unit with the security system you have to go through the password relearn procedure. my harness has a pigtail by the main tsm harness that has the same connection as the o2 and temp sensor thats near the starter. Aftermarket kill switch and push button. At the beginning of this thread (see post #19) I explained how I did it to my bike and if you look at my info I have a 2007 1200N. you say 04-up but later in the thread you say your 07 is different, Yes, it works for an 07'. okay thx.....do you know a good source. I have a 2002 and it is a simple matter of snipping the white/green pin 5 wire. Ah, thank you gents! Does that seem right? my bike is wired, minus all the junk. Something definitely appears to be screwed up with the tsm. Inspect the module, module plug, and related harness 1st. Good info!! I'm guessing the alarm will still work even if disabled? I assume that shouldn't affect anything as my lights were out before that and I actually got the rear to work for a brief moment afterwards. I think i will do the cover and shrink wrap thing i think that is an excellent idea again thanks great help on everything. I do not have the plug housing though. Did you pull off the connector going to the coil and make sure you are in fact getting power at the white/black wire? Too bad....could have almost got this back in the mail tonight but the post office closes in 13 minutes. Long time lurker first time poster. A wiring diagram is a simplified standard photographic depiction of an electrical circuit. Ok, I'm a bit confused. It has the little arrow and an alarm symbol ala: http://www.alpcentauri.info/1197090736106417905vermeil_IEC_Diode_Symbol.svg.hi .png To be honest, all I know is that I always used it to test grounds and if it beeped, everything seemed good. Ok thanks, I'll check it out. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. I left my starter relay grounded to the frame (as opposed to being connected to terminal 9) during the whole process, and it still worked. ... Harley Turn Signal Wiring Diagram. I have drawn up a few wiring diagrams....none of the entire bike but I have checked a few for people on here. I unwrapped everything and pulled out all of the wiring. Since the BAS only required capping the 12v and grounding the other wire I assumed it only killed the bike when energized and sending a signal, so no signal=An all good signal that it wouldn't require learning what it already recognizes as an all good signal. I have spark with stock icm no tsm hooked up at all just need to find out fom dynatek what the deal is with there ignition.I might have a dynatek ignition for sale. Sweet Cosmo! We are building a custom Redneck Eng. well that still didnt do anything so i was looking at my harness on the icm side and the only wire i left out was the datalink wire so i ran it to speedo harness but it didnt change anything. thanks a ton cosmo.....thats what i figured it was but it almost made me think my bike might have has the security system. I imagine that terminal 1 has to have power, and terminal 9 has to be connected to the relay for this whole deal to work considering that the procedure has yet to bare fruit. #5 +12vdc speedo input, #7 Right Turn command 11.8 vdc, #8 left turn command 11.8v There was not any output to blinkers on pins #3 RT and #4 LT. cosmo, can you confirm a few things. Used 1996 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide FLHTCUI. 2nd 10min wait complete.....only 10mins left! The Sportster and Buell Motorcycle Forum - The XLFORUM®, Sportster Motorcycle Electrical and Ignition, How-To: Eliminate the Turn Signal Module (TSM). So the bike can be started with it in gear and the clutch out. I would love to have a diagram.....I have one white/black from kill switch and push button to icm and coil.The other side of kill switch is going to gray (fuse) and the other side of push button goes to black/red (relay). Let us know when you get the module and ECM back Mike and if the bike fires back up! Hi Steve. I appreciate you doing that. For 3 seconds... try it again and hammer the throttle ... she is in beast mode! My question in, how do I deal with the TSM if I'm not planning on running it? Best-selling in Other Lighting & Indicators. Didn't realize you had different lights altogether...I am used to my plug n' play radientz LEDs. fired right up cosmo. https://www.fixmyhog.com/videos/electrical/ Reply I trimmed down all the excess turnsignals lights and ditched the speedo. Saw your visitor message Mike but we might as well discuss it here. if you have any suggestion the the S.E. Thanks for all this info by the way it has really helped me out. The space the signal bracket took up only allowed the very tip of the bolts to grab and I guess I overtightened considering that situation. i will gladly pay you for your services....i am in GA and arent you in NY? I have removed my TSM and everything functions really einzigste what I now that has the engine controlling light shines and the key symbol. Sorry for the book but I have tried everything I can think of and am now working backwards I tried powering the data link as well no change. US Seller. No problem Speed. Welcome to the XLF from Central NY! Just want to add that if you bypass the TSM you will have diagnostic trouble codes present 100% of the time and if you are still using the stock speedo the check engine light will be on all the time also. So - your current latching switches allow you to press once - the turn signal blinks until you press again, to unlatch .... Is that right? I have an '07. I did the first table ( I have an '04) and it was good but I tried setting the alarm and it still worked. or Best Offer +$8.95 shipping. who cares now....you will get mad props on my feature!!! i ddint know you would knock it out that quick and now i can get it before the weekend....pm me. But I'm the second owner, so I don't know if the PO had something flashed to the ECM. Looking good! only 9K on engine. It's incredible that the manual is screwed up like that. 11-second self canceling flasher module is a perfect OEM replacement for a fraction of the cost. Kenworth Turn Signal Module will definitely help you in increasing the efficiency of your work. one catch though is i need it back asap. i cleared all codes didnt help....i tried the relearn again still no fire so i will call dynatek tomorrow cause the instructions make it sound like plug n play but it is not that easy. You might be able to wire in one of those instead. I've read through this thread and have seen some similar issues but I am still having no success. I am not going to say you don't have a bad ICM. That'll make a bike do exactly what you're describing. I cut out the tssm completely and grounded out the data link. Buy It Now. Ok so I test the coil get some readings that were above and below recommended levels so I replace it. http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6105/6304230177_576f54b92b.jpg, Yes, just like that and I verified that to my TSM with the wire in position #7 which was white/brown. ), cosmo, can i get you to express 1 day mail it and i will paypal you the money to cover the $30.....and just throw that label i sent you away? I talked to the dealership he says a brand new out of the box icm does not need to be married to a tsm. This helps me out a ton. I'll keep you posted on the results. https://i.ibb.co/KbqzcBF/Latest-mods.jpg (https://ibb.co/Jm7FW85) But what if i wanted to loose the auto cancel and save space and fit another oil tank like i have. Nightrider...I see it is your first post so welcome to the XLF from CNY! Pressing the turn signal twice before starting the procedure is the secret to this whole deal, as it would turn out. enable signal, starter relay and serial data run through it (TSM), you probably should install it. Still doesn't seem right. Any idea? I tried rewiring the bike running the starter relay from the tcm wiring directly to the ground. I scour the earth for an 04 1200 se icm and snag one and ready to wheelie into the sunset. If you look at the link you'll see it even states this as one of the steps you take during the process. I don't have any blown fuses and I can hear the flasher (little box in the rubber cover) clicking, but I get nothing. I got my wiring harness pretty slimmed down already. Turn signals won't self-cancel. What year did all change? No sorry i needed to be more detailed in my question. You have to start the bike one time with the tsm that is already password learned to the ecm/icm, then remove it and your good to go. 1996 Harley-Davidson Evo Electra Glide FLHTCUI Turn Signal Module 68540-96 Used. hah. 2. Thanks man just did my headlight and clutch wire.. works like a charm and no speedo it is. if so pm me your paypal. Just hooking up the tssm didn't work until I attached the speedo as well. So I got my lights, ignition system, battery, and starter. 24 product ratings - SDC Signal Dynamics Self-Cancelling Turn Signal Module Harley Custom 01501. Lots of great people / ideas on here...glad to have you with us! Seems other people have done it without trouble but maybe on efi? so how would i know if that sensor is pulsing......take it in the get them to hook it up? Also I went and tested all my pins for which ones needed constant and tried cranking her over with a prayer and my connector from the battery to my starter heated up and started smoking the plastic on the battery side she cranks over fine and I can get her to fire up this didn't happen before. Just doesn't seen like a fuel issue. Pulled the plugs and no sparky. £57.69 + £47.04 postage. again thanks man i might be bothering u a little more in the future haha. The ICM will not allow the bike to start...it is part of the theft feature. Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. is there a reason my re-learn did not work this way. Harley Davidson OEM Turn Signal Module #68920-01C. Just a idea. 68981-04. i am having a hell of a time trying to find a way to mount the two oem fuse blocks and got to thinking about some of those fuses in there are no good anyway. I've been hunting for a used TSM to try out a few things and learn how these things tick....but haven't been able to get one yet. The factory security system is contained within the Turn Signal Module (TSM), which becomes a Turn Signal Security Module (TSSM) when it is so equipped. We turned engine over with plugs removed and they fire longer than 1 second - tried for about 5 sec and they fired the whole time. mod. Hey I know this thread is old but I thought I'd help address some of the problems, particularly the problems surrounding guys building custom wiring harnesses and not being able to get the bike to run without the tsm. The security lamp turned off as it should. Has TSSM and Smart Security siren(I had no idea until it was chopped, didn't have key fob. Hope that is right. usually as long as you get there before they close they can get it to me next day but Sat delivery would be fine too. Sorry to dig up an older post, but have a few quick questions. w/2005 sportster 1200 - we eliminated the TSM (Grounded out the starter relay control wire) per your original post. So I spent some more time with my bike and it's issues. It says I can't give you any more Rep so I will Later I like the way you always Provide good info ! vBulletin® v3.8.11, Copyright ©2000-2020, vBulletin Solutions Inc. item 8 TURN SIGNAL MODULE OEM HARLEY DAVIDSON & CUSTOM CHOPPERS 1996-99 MODEL 68548-96 8 - TURN SIGNAL MODULE OEM HARLEY DAVIDSON & CUSTOM CHOPPERS 1996-99 MODEL 68548-96. If you have 12 vdc to both sides of the fuse you have a broken wire between the accessory fuse and the turn signal module. no tsm, no speedo.....etc.....it did not have a security system on it from the factory. Each one of such tips are illustrated with practical examples. I have an 02 xl1200c and my tsm just went south. I'm pretty sure EFI does the same thing, but '03 and earlier sportsters might not because they didn't use a tsm, at least not like we've got on our bikes (mine's '04). Thanks again Cosmo, I will test the grounds and see if I can test the inputs to that module. Lots of great people / ideas on here. View Full Version : How-To: Eliminate the Turn Signal Module (TSM). Is it a new tsm that hasn't had the password learn procedure done? Also my initial cut and tuck of the wires was 3 years ago, When I cut out the tssm the power for the icm was pigtailed so I dedicated the power from the battery with a 15 amp inline fuse. Well Cosmo I'm not sure if it worked. If you have 12 vdc to only one side, replace the fuse. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. so the original diagram works for an 07? I have security on mine, so does the dealer have to put the ECM or the TSM in service mode? If resistance is less than 1 ohm check for 12 vdc on both sides of the accessory fuse. the ecm is good i have faith their. So what you were doing in the past was just fine. So I have constant power there as well. my wiring is solid.....only thing i can thing is that i am not doing the re-learn correctly. Cosmo what the deuce??? Go to light it up a little struggle and she fires up and runs like a champ! This is the electrical section; it's defeinitely the right section. So the bike can be started with it in gear and the clutch out. I wired up the left turn signal (after temporarily procuring some handlebar controls...*wink*) and apparently that's all she needed! This modification is for 04'+ TSMs only! aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. 42 watchers. Have you ever drawn up a simple diagram for someone who just needs the bare minimal. I was looking at my manual wiring diagram and i could probably do away with speedo and some other wires too. my connector from the battery to my starter heated up and started smoking the plastic on the battery side she cranks over fine and I can get her to fire up this didn't happen before. Interesting....but if I read it correctly you do not have spark after a few cycles with the dynatek and tsm hooked up right? I'm sure I'm leaving something out of the description but using the wiring diagram combined with finding some threads about minimizing the wires me and my partners in crime were pretty sure we had everything covered. but it also did not have a siren or keyfob so im golden. I have read bits & pieces of this thread. Checked voltage to Turn Signal Module 68540-96. Check the … If I plug 12v into terminal #1 the bike will fire but not run the one cycle. For 3 seconds then acts like it's running out of gas. tried an after market daytona mod and it runs fine! i meant the speedo and front turn signal male plugs.