In our next alert I will examine what it may mean to give up the role of an Executor and how a parent might be able to restrict or control any challenge to their Will through the intelligent appointment of Executors. An executor is the person appointed in a Will to manage the estate of the Testator and to carry out their wishes in accordance with the will. Verifies the identity of the executor ; Discloses the assets and liabilities of the deceased. The deceased estate selling process needs a few extra steps before getting the property listed. The executor can take the grant of probate to persons that currently have assets of the estate or that are debtors of the estate (such as banks and retirement villages that are holding bonds) and require them to transfer the assets or monies to the executor (or to such other persons as the executor may nominate in accordance with the will). For more information, see Applying for letters of administration. Probate means the official recognition that a will is legally valid. There are three ways an executor can be paid for their services: payment or commission is included as a clause in the Will; the beneficiaries of the estate agree to the payment of commission; an application seeking commission is made to the Supreme Court. Technically, probate is permission from the court that a Will is valid and that an executor can begin the process of administering the estate in line with the Will instructions. Can an executor resign? 34. Author. A beneficiary under a will can complain to the Legal Services Commissioner about legal fees charged to the estate, if the disputed amount is $25,000 or less and the complaint is made within the prescribed time limit. This is because, in some cases, members of the family may challenge the Will by applying to the Supreme Court of Western Australia. Yes, an Executor of a Will can also be a Beneficiary. If an Executor ever found themselves in such a position, they would be well advised, if not required, to give up their Executor’s role in order to pursue their challenge. Solicitors can perform the duties of executor more quickly and cheaply than trustee companies and the client is likely to prefer someone they know over an institution. 9. An Executor’s Commission will depend on the size of the estate. It is often a good idea to appoint more than one Executor. The original grant of probate needs to be revoked and a new grant of probate put in place. Therefore we can only release funds to ‘Estate of’, accounts in the name of the deceased via transfer, or by issuing a cheque made payable to the Estate. Sometimes it’s family. The Executor can be an individual person or a trustee company. The executor can be a trusted friend or family member, an appointed professional such as a solicitor, or a trustee company. In fact, it is very common for an Executor to be a Beneficiary. What is the role of the executor of a will in NSW? When considering who to appoint, regard should always be given to the intended executor(s)': age; personality; relationship to the willmaker and other executors appointed (as the case may be); and Liesel Millard . The executor will need to explain in the Summons and the Affidavit of Executor that the other executor has died and attach a certified copy of the death certificate. Lawyers are expected to understand the laws relating to property, companies, trusts and taxation. In addition to obtaining Grant of Probate that can take months to process, the responsibility of the executor is to ensure transparency of the sales process. Executors can sell a house after getting their Grant of Probate. It is important to consider that the Executor’s role, and his/her associated duties, will vary depending on the type of Estate. There are guidelines in case law which sets out percentages, as oppose to a lump sum payment. (Including: Australian Executor Trustees, National Australia Trustees and Australian Executor Trustees and Perpetual Estate Services.) The Executor's primary role is to carry out your wishes in accordance with your Will. a bank) waive the production of a grant of probate and simply distribute the assets to the executor named in the will. The minimum age for a person to be appointed as executor is 18 years and in Queensland, the maximum number of persons that can be appointed is four. Such executors must make a special application to the Supreme Court of Western Australia for permission to pay themselves from the estate. The Executor or Administrator is the only person with the legal right to act for the deceased and therefore is the only person to whom funds can be released. In this situation, the executor will often request that the party holding the assets on behalf of the deceased (i.e. Can an executor sell the property of a deceased estate? Yes, but it is very difficult. The Executor of your Will plays an essential role in ensuring that your last wishes as stipulated in your Will are carried out in a timely and effective manner. Many people are not aware that an Executor can charge commission. Can Your Solicitor be the Executor of Your Will? The bank can also release funds to cover business expenses upon request from the executor or Next of Kin; company director, chairman secretary or treasurer; or a trustee. It’s important to note that an executor’s commission cannot be levied without an order of the court or unanimous agreement of beneficiaries. You’ve got to be a legal adult. In many cases, however, an executor cannot safely distribute the assets until six (6) months have elapsed from the granting of probate. Alternatively, it may be more practical to send a copy to anyone with a legitimate interest. The application is made to the Probate Registry of the Supreme Court for a “Grant of Probate”. In general, before you can act as an executor of a Will, probate lawyers can assist you in applying for a 'Grant of Probate'. The application process: Confirms that the will is valid. Yes, the funeral can generally be paid with the estate. You might want your partner, as Executor, to handle all the personal details such as arranging your funeral and organising your estate. An executor can apply to the NSW Supreme Court for compensation for the time and effort involved with administering an estate. Once stamped by the Supreme Court the nominated executor obtains the power to deal with the estate assets and can pay the estate liabilities. An executor can allow the other executor or executors to take on the administration, but reserve the right to take up their appointment as executor later if there are any problems. These applications are not cheap, as they require the executor to lead affidavit evidence regarding the entirety of the administration. So anybody can act as an executor in Australia over the age of 18 years? Provision under a Will. Book a Lawyer Online Now 1300 636 846 Legal Hotline Search Our Locations Civil Law. This is not a requirement. Find out some examples of what can be claimed and and more information here. Don’t know where to start? In South Australia, the Wills Act provides for an executor of a will to be a witness to it. However, the necessity depends on the value of an estate. The grant is a document certifying that the Supreme Court recognises the authority of the executor(s) to deal with the estate. The answers determine whether an executor applies for a Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court of Western Australia, or whether the Court should appoint an administrator under Letters of Administration (or Letters of Administration with Will annexed). Generally, if there is more than one executor or administrator, they … Once appointed, an executor cannot voluntarily resign without approval from the Court and then only when another person is appointed in his or her place. Fast. Whether you have drafted a Will or are thinking of drafting a Will, the question of who you should appoint as your Executor is an important one. These can all be onerous duties. To conclude, an executor can also be a beneficiary to a Will. It might be a spouse, an adult child, an extended member of the family, a sibling or even a parent, subject to age and incapacity. This can be a difficult process. Can I pay for a funeral with the estate? If there is more than one executors, those executors will act jointly in the execution of their executors duties. An executor, when administering an estate, may try to avoid obtaining a grant of probate of the deceased’s will. The list of duties outlined below provides information designed to help Executors fulfil their duties. This kind of payment is called "commission", and is paid from the estate. In Australia, you need a grant of probate – or grant of letters of administration – before a house can be sold. The role of an Executor is a very important one, and so it is essential that you appoint the right people for the job. If you have any further questions contact an estate lawyer today. An executor is entitled to be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses paid on behalf of the estate. In order to break an impasse, one executor may choose to apply to be discharged as executor under s.34(1)(b) of the APA. The simplest way to ensure the payment of an executor is to include a payment clause in a Will. The only way to remove an executor is for the grant of probate to be revoked and a new executor appointed. The Court can make an order revoking a Grant under section 40(C)(3) of the PAA and if it does so it becomes necessary for a fresh application to be made by another person to obtain a new Grant. People appoint their friends. One executor can make an application pursuant to Order 54 naming the co-executor as defendant where the executors are paralysed by difference of opinion 13. Get a Good Lawyer. If an executor needs to be removed after probate has been granted, the executor’s Grant of Probate must be revoked, meaning that their executor duties are brought to an end. An executor who distributes the estate early can be held personally liable for shortfalls that result from early distribution. Examples include essential taxi fares, phone call charges, court filing fees and more. The role of executor involves financial, legal and interpersonal skills, so it is essential to think carefully about who you trust to carry out this role. 2. your Executor has died or got too frail to do the job; 3. sack the Public Trustee or State Trustee of Victoria; 4. remove the lawyer named as an Executor; 5. sack a professional trustee company.